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Ning Qian hang Expressway Ning Qian section

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Ning 1000 high-speed project in our province is the "eight horizontal" vertical highway network planning in the "vertical" (Xu Hang highway) and the Yangtze Delta metropolitan expressway network planning "seven vertical" (Ning Jin Expressway) is an important part of our province to the Yangtze River Delta region and a fast channel. The project was completed and opened to traffic in December 2015, with a total length of 40.36 km. The route was started from Ningguo Ping Cun, exchanged with Xuan Ning Expressway and Ning Ji expressway, and finally reached the junction of Anhui and Zhejiang, connecting Nanjing to Jinhua expressway. Adopt two-way four lane Expressway standard, driving speed of 100 kilometers / hour.

The project officially opened to traffic, from Ningguo to Zhejiang, Hangzhou to save at least half an hour, the implementation of our province eastward development strategy, accelerate the integration of economic circle, Jiangsu Zhejiang and Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta region, and promote seamless project the economic and social development is of great importance.

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