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Xie Xinyu, deputy general manager of the company and Secretary of the CPC Central Committee

publishdate:2009-06-29 Views:4852

Xie Xinyu, deputy general manager of the company and Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, won the title of "PARKnSHOP secretaries of Listed Companies in China in 2008"

Sponsored by the Securities Times "2008 year China listed company value appraisal and the first China most welcomed by the investors of Listed Companies in Beijing announced the day before the site selection, selection in line with the principles of fairness and justice, on the basis of primary network voting organizers of public investors candidate units and individuals, followed by the mainstream industry organizations vote again, by the review committee review, the final top 2008 year on the value of the company, the 2008 annual city 100 China listed outstanding management team and 2008 listed company secretaries Pokka award. In view of the outstanding achievements in capital operation, investor relations management and information disclosure and corporate governance, Mr. Xie Xinyu, deputy general manager of the company and Secretary of the board of directors, was chosen as "the secretaries of secretaries of Listed Companies in 2008"".

The quality of listed companies is the inherent stability of the capital market, and the Secretary of the board of directors is the bridge between the listed companies and the vast number of investment and regulatory agencies. Diligent good secretaries will enhance the governance of listed companies, standardize information disclosure of listed companies and improve investor relations management and other aspects to do their homework, and all of this is necessary conditions to enhance the image of the listed companies, is also the premise to guide the comprehensive understanding of every subject of the market value of listed companies, it is critical to ensure the listing the company's benign development.

Mr. Xie Xinyu, who was elected deputy director of the "2008 year listed company", is not only a return to his hard work, but also a good investor management system and a positive result of communication with the outside world.

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