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Mr. Xie Xinyu of Wan Tong company won the title of "gold medal secretaries"

publishdate:2007-04-18 Views:4722

From the "new fortune" magazine sponsored "2007" new fortune "gold medal secretaries" award has been announced on April 2007, deputy general manager of Anhui, the Secretary of the board of directors Mr. Xie Xinyu and the other 49 listed company secretary of the board of directors from more than 1400 candidates in 2006 following the 2005, talent shows itself, after third time "" new fortune "gold medal secretaries title.

Mr. Xie Xinyu has been awarded the title of "gold medal secretaries" for three consecutive years. It is not only a return to his personal efforts, but also a good investor management system and a positive communication with the outside world.

Anhui since the listing of the company has been actively carry out the work of relationship with investors, and under the guidance of the regulatory authorities to gradually standardize the work, the company designated person responsible for investor relations, arrange for someone to do the investor reception work, responsible for the company and investors contact telephone number, fax and email, in strict compliance with the Commission, the exchange and the company information disclosure, objective, true, accurate and complete the operation of the company. For the production and operation of the company may have a significant impact, have a significant impact on the company's stock price information, the company will be in accordance with the "articles of association", the "information management system" provisions of the information disclosure initiative, in order to protect the investor's rights to equal access to information.

The company is actively doing a good job of day-to-day management of investor relations on the basis of, the company also insisted through active investor relations activities to strengthen communication between the two sides. The form and investor website, promotion, performance promotion activities, large investors analyst meeting, one-on-one telephone inquiries, such as rich and colorful communication, enhance investor identity, improve corporate transparency.

In addition, the management of the company attaches great importance to the questions and opinions raised by investors, and pays serious attention to the hot issues that investors pay attention to and analyses their opinions, and puts forward their opinions and solutions.  

Effective investor relations management, so that the company's investment value has been favored by institutional investors. However, the company's corporate governance structure, standardized management and increasingly transparent information disclosure system have increased the long-term concern and commitment of investors.

In future work, the management of the company will continue to maintain good communication with investors excellent work style, using a variety of ways to allow more investors to understand Anhui company's investment value, achieve win-win with investors.

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