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The Company Started ISO9001 Quality Certification Work

publishdate:2004-12-03 Views:4852

In December 2, 2004, the high quality company held the ISO9001 quality certification mobilization conference and training course, which fully opened the curtain of ISO9001 quality certification work. This certification work is provided by Beijing Wantong Xingda Consulting Co., Ltd. for training and consultation. It is expected to enter the certification audit procedure in 2005 June.

The high field company in successively won the "National Youth Civilization" of Anhui Province, the sixth session of the "civilized unit" and many other honors, "how to improve the management level, enhance the brand image of high field" has become an important subject in front of the office of leadership. After the leadership of the group fully brewed, in the newspaper by the board of directors of the community agreed, launched the ISO9001 quality system certification work. Combined with the actual operation of Gaojie expressway, the implementation of ISO9001 quality management, will help to improve the management level, is conducive to the establishment of quality assurance system work stable, conducive to the external supervision of justice, is conducive to enhance the operation management goal. In order to ensure the efficient development of the work, the high world companies do strict work arrangements: first, strengthen organizational leadership. The company set up the implementation of ISO9001 quality certification work leading group, under the office, responsible for certification work organization, leadership and implementation, at the same time to determine the internal auditor to establish quality certification responsibility system. Two is a clear goal of the work.

According to the ISO9001 quality certification procedure, the overall goal is refined and decomposed, and the steps, time and method are established. Three is to strengthen the job responsibility. On the basis of the management system of the reward fund of the director and the accountability system, the corresponding measures for rewards and punishments should be worked out to promote the successful implementation of the ISO9001 quality certification and achieve the desired objectives.

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