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Chairman: Mr. Qiao Chuanfu

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Mr.Qiao Chuanfu, born in 1959,is a holder of auniversity degree(on the job programme)and a master’s degree inexecutive business administration and a senior economist. He was the deputy director of the Navigation Management Authority of the Anhui Province,officer of the Water Transport Service Centre of the Anhui Province;the general managerof Anhui Province Ship building Corporation*; the general manager of Anhui Province Transport Construction Investment Development Corporation*; the general deputy director of World Bank Financing Project Office at Transport Department of Anhui Province,chairman of the board; the Party Committee secretary and general manager of Anhui Transportation Investment Group Company Limited*; the vice chairman of the board,general manager and Party Committee deputy secretary of Anhui Transportation Group.He is currently the chairman of the board and Party Committee secretary of Anhui Transportation Holding Group Company Limited*. Since 20 May 2016,he has taken the post of chairman of the Board of the Company.He is concurrently a director of Huishang Bank Corporation Limited.
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