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Supervisor: Mr. Dai Hui and Mr. Jiang Jue

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Dai Hui, he was born in 1960, is a political officer. He graduated from the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, majoring in management of party politics. He served as the chief officer of the human resources division and the deputy director of the monitoring department of Anhui Expressway Holding Corporation, and the secretary of party general branch and director of the Gaojie Management Office of the Company. Mr. Dai is currently a party committee member, the secretary of the disciplinary committee, the chairman of the labour union and the director of the party affairs’ office of the Company. Since 23 March 2017, he has been appointed as the employee representative supervisor of the Company. He is concurrently the chairman of the supervisory committee of Anhui Ningxuanhang Expressway Investment Company Limited. Jiang Yue, he was born in 1982, is a holder of a master’s degree in management, a registered accountant in China (non-practicing), a Chartered Financial Analyst (USA) and a Financial Risk Manager (USA). Since July 2009, Mr. Jiang has been acting as the project manager of the equity management division 1 and the corporate management department of China Merchants Highway Network Technology Holding Company Limited, also acting as a supervisor of the supervisory committee of Henan Zhongyuan Expressway Company Limited, Heilongjiang Transportation Development Company Limited, Shandong Hi-speed Company Limited and North China Expressway Company Limited. He is currently a project manager of the capital operation department and concurrently serves as the supervisor of Jilin Expressway Company Limited. Since 20 May 2016, he has been appointed as a supervisor of the Company
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