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Is It Possible To Feel Happy And Sad At The Same Time?

"Being both glad and miserable in the meantime, regardless of attempting to make sense of how that could be" — "The Advantages of Being an Introvert"

Discuss blended feelings. An upbeat tragic state can be as puzzling to individuals as to therapists.

This isn't tied in with "grinning sadness," where somebody feels enthusiastic agony, however veils those emotions with a cheerful fa├žade. Or maybe, it's genuinely encountering those two clashing feelings without a moment's delay.

Jeff Larsen, a brain research teacher at the College of Tennessee, Knoxville, has been attempting to answer that inquiry for just about 20 years.

"We positively have an entire pack of proof that it is conceivable," Larsen told. "Ordinarily, the passionate scene is laid out such that we're feeling either, or not one or the other. There are places where we can feel both, and those spots are rare, yet they're intriguing."

When he basically inquires as to whether it's conceivable to feel such blended feelings, the vast majority promptly say "yes," he noted, demonstrating how widespread the experience is.

Be that as it may, Larsen adopts a more logical strategy. In his investigations, he's requested that individuals watch a clasp from a self-contradicting film — "Life is Wonderful," featuring Roberto Benigni, to be correct — and squeeze one catch on the off chance that they felt glad, another catch in the event that they felt dismal, or the two catches in the meantime in the event that they felt the two feelings without a moment's delay. It turned out about half squeezed both cheerful and dismal catches without a moment's delay, however not for long.

Larsen trusts the experience is uncommon, yet conceivable. As such, we for the most part don't feel glad and tragic in the meantime, yet we can feel that way.

Yale College brain research teacher Laurie Santos, who is instructing an exceptionally mainstream course on the most proficient method to be glad, concurred it's feasible for individuals to feel both positive and negative feelings on the double.

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Tag A Friend Who Is Always In Depression
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