The biggest problems in Africa

The biggest problems in Africa

The biggest problems in Africa

Water Related Problems In Africa

The biggest problems in Africa are related to water. Africa continues to face a big problem, and it only seems to be getting worse no matter how hard people try to resolve it. Non profit organizations and governments around the world have been trying their best but It’s no secret that Africa has a water problem. People in developed countries have known this for a long time.

There are a lot of factors that work together to cause problems for the condition of water across Africa, and these don’t seem to be easing up anytime soon.It is very difficult to find fresh, clean water for drinking and daily living purposes.

African people don’t have the technology or the money to dig wells to harvest groundwater. Most people in Africa rely on surface water.Africa is an arid continent, surface water evaporates often, so africa faces water scarcity conditions.

1. There are 677 lakes on the continent of Africa.

2. Over 650 people die from diseases related to diarrhea, every day across Africa.

3. Women travel on an average of 6 km to fetch water for household use.

4. Women in Africa carry a weight of about 20 liters of water on their heads.

5. A massive 42% of hospitals in the region exist without clean, purified, or treated water available at all, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

6. Hepatitis and Cholera are the most common waterborne diseases that affect people throughout Africa.

7. The average life expectancy in African countries varies greatly depending on the water condition for that particular country.

8. The infant mortality rate in african countries directly correlates to the life expectancy issue.

9. About half of the population of Africa suffered from at least one major water-related illness In 1997.

10. In Sub-Saharan Africa, two-thirds of the 159 million people living there still rely completely on or almost completely on surface water.

11. Fourteen countries in Africa experience water stress and within the next few years, another 11 are expected to reach this critical position too.

12. Many animal species native to Africa are critically endangered due to water problems.

13. Mining puts a big strain on Africa’s water.

14. Due to polluted or contaminated water, lack of water, or poor sanitation.Around 5% of the gross domestic product in Sub-Saharan Africa is lost every year.

15. Women travel long distances to get water for their households in Africa.

16. Over a million people were displaced and an untold number of people died, In the floods that took place in Mozambique in 1999 and 2000.

17. Mining disasters often contribute to water pollution in Africa that makes people very sick.

Sanitation Problems in Africa

Sanitation is also a big problem in Africa.
Many people don’t have dedicated sewage or septic systems, so human waste builds up over time and pollutes the surface water used for drinking.Sanitation in residential parts of Sub-Saharan Africa has a lot to do with the spread of disease, too. Even in agricultural processes, animal waste can’t be disposed of properly, leading to unsanitary conditions that are perfect for the spread of disease.
United Nations must pay keen interest and attention to find a solution for the water crisis in african countries.
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The biggest problems in Africa
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